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September is National Sewing and Quilting Month!!!

Woot Woot! September is national sewing and quilting month! How awesome is that!? A whole month to celebrate! Now's the time to finish some WIPs or start something new! Fat Quarter Shop has a fun new pattern for you to download and has asked me to participate as part of this special occasion. How could I say no? They asked me a few questions and challenged me to make something I've never made before! OMG! Here it goes!!!

Why do I love sewing?

With craziness happening all around me at any given time. Sewing is my outlet. It's the "me" time I need. I love spending time at my machine making something that will be used and loved. It's a real joy to see others get excited by things I've made as well. I definitely cut myself short when it comes to accepting sewing as a talent. I think it's just a fun hobby but others really do see it as a talent. I've always had a hard time accepting compliments. I usually think and/or say "Pfff!". I've learned to accept compliments and be thankful that I can make beautiful things.

1.       How did you start quilting/sewing? I started in High School and was taught by my Mom. She challenged each of us (kids) to do something productive with our summer instead of watching TV everyday. I decided to make a quilt. I still have it and use it all the time!
2.       When was the first time you knew that you were a quilter/sewer? I'd say I really found my sewing mojo about 3 years ago. I would go to quilt shops with my Mom just for fun and just fell head over heels with fabric! I was an avid paper collector and scrapbooker before but fabric is something that doesn't only look nice but feels nice. I love playing with it and making something that is useful instead of just something pretty to look at.
3.       Do you have any sewing/quilting horror stories or faux pas? Well, I remember I was rockin' and rollin' on a quilt one time and for some reason I wasn't paying attention as I finished piecing. I went to clip the thread and my thumb got run over by the needle. I literally sewed through my skin. It was kinda cool to see the thread go through my skin (not entire finger). Then it hit me what just happened and I got all dizzy. Haha! I'm so lame! I have such a weak stomach for things like this.
4.       What advice would you give to someone who’s just starting out in sewing/quilting? Start slow with easy project. Just jump in and go for some crazy quilt or weekender bag. Work your way up with new challenges. Don't be afraid to cut into your favorite fabric! That's why you bought it to begin with! It doesn't do you any good sitting on a shelve collecting dust "waiting" for a special project. Every project is special!

Ok, so Fat Quarter Shop has challenged me!!! Ok, so they asked me to make something this month that I've never made before. Hmmm...that was tough! I've made so many different things from quilts to bags, clutches to backpacks, fabric baskets to pincushions....I'm willing to try anything! BUT one thing or should I say one "department" of sewing I have NOT ever tried is CLOTHING. 

Yes folks, it's true. I have never made an item of clothing from scratch. Seriously! Those knits and rayons scare the crap out of me! I can trace an existing pattern from something into a duplicate but I've never actually followed a garment pattern before or even a tutorial. So..I decided to put my big girl panties on and make an item of clothing! 

I knew I wanted to make a dress for my daughter. My Mom was getting rid of a bunch of clothing patterns a few weeks ago and I grabbed a few (ok, like a box) that I could see myself sewing up. I was going through them last night (yes, last night...procrastination at it's finest) and picked something "fast" and "easy". I was so nervous to start but went for it anyway! 

It will probably be lame for some of you more experienced garment sewers. I skipped the pockets and ric rac because I like it better without. Some things look cuter simpler. So here's my little A-line dress. It's a little big for my daughter but she'll grow into it. It's so fun! I used a large pink & red gingham print called Cheeky Checks from Early Birds by Jane Sassaman for FreeSpirit. I had 1 yard on hand which was perfect for size 2T!!!

Sorry for that FAT wrinkle!

For those of you who are wondering...

Thanks for stopping in! Don't forget to download this fun and free pattern by Fat Quarter Shop!!! Just click the image below to download!

 Now challenge yourself to do something you haven't tried yet! Share your projects with Fat Quarter Shop on their FacebookGoogle +, and Instagram using #fqschallenge. Have fun!

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  2. What a darling dress! You have done a fantastic job for your first time. Congrats!

  3. Sewing keeps me sane too! :) I got the viewfinder wallet in the mail today! It is absolutely amazing!!!!!


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