Monday, March 30, 2015

Fabric Map Finishes!

I've been keeping secret finishes from you guys. Well, here on the blog anyways. I've posted everything to Instagram so feel free to look there to see the latest from me. I've been going swap crazy lately. Not sure what the deal is with that and what's going on. I think I just want to be busy while my hubby is away for training. Sigh...7 more months to go. Swaps swaps swaps to keep my mind clear of any potential emotional meltdowns. It hasn't been an easy transition into the military lifestyle but it'll come. It'll get easier. I'll be fine. Actually, I feel like I'm finally getting past the initial shock of him falling off the face of the Earth. I get really excited when he calls but also very depressed when we hang up. It's like a reminder that's he's gone and won't be calling again for another week or so. That's the Army life! 

Anyways! Enough about that. But I do really appreciate everyone's concern about my depression. I'm feeling my normal self again so worry no more! Now. About the mini quilts....

The first one is for the #rainbowminiswap on instagram. My partner named a bunch of designer favorites and among them was Anna Maria Horner. Umm..Yeah! I can definitely work with that. I have a slew of AMH scraps I can use for my partners mini. I was looking through her inspiration mosaic and other means of inspirational social media and what not...and came upon a fabric map. Of course being a quilter...I automatically thought. Yes. I'm making that. No pattern required. I'll wing it. And so my fabric map adventures began. I will be posting a tutorial on it as soon as I'm done writing it up. Next post, I promise. Don't go too far or you might miss it. It'll be up on the tutorial tab though.

Fabric Map

The second fabric map will be donated to my church youth group. They're trying to raise money for a pioneer trek. A silent auction will be taking place and various items and services will be donated for that. I thought a map would be fitting for the occasion. I chose a vintage modern fresh pallet on a buttery yellow solid. Hope it gets lots of high bids for the youth!

Fabric Map

So stay tuned for the tutorial/pattern coming soon!

Thanks for stopping by!
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Friday, March 27, 2015

Charm Box Quilt with Fat Quarter Shop!

Today I'm here to show you my version of the new Charm Box Quilt Pattern by Fat Quarter Shop! Their shortcut patterns are so fun and easy....and FREE!!!

I just love the simplicity of this one along with the "short cut" techniques used. I decided to go with the fail proof Cotton + Steel Basics. I seriously am in LOVE with them. How could anyone NOT be??? They're so awesome!!! I wanted to do a reverse idea and really wanted the background fun with all the colors so I chose Jacks from Melody Miller's new Playful line for Cotton + Steel. I love the way it plays together with all the colors. I chose Overlookserape from Alexia Marcelle Abegg's new Mesa line for Cotton + Steel and backed it in Moonbunnies from Rashida Coleman-Hale's new Mochi line for Cotton + Steel. So here it is in all it's Cotton + Steel glory!!! Be sure to pick up the pattern HERE! Thanks for stopping by!

By the way...I'm feeling much better! Thank you to everyone who was concerned about me. The Army life is tough one!

Aloha Girl Quilt Kit HERE

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

I'm alive...barely

Hi Everyone! Wow! It's been so long. I don't even know how to write a blog post anymore. Just kidding...

Well I seriously can't believe it's been over a month since I've blogged. Honestly, it flew by so fast. I've been MIA due to so many things. I haven't even been checking let along posting on my instagram account. I usually post a pic every couple day AT least. Nope, Nothing. Well...the past month has been a crazy one. 

We packed up our apartment and put everything in storage. I seriously mean everything. My kids and I are living off bare essentials at my parents for a few months. It feels like we're on vacation or something. My husband left for U.S. Army Boot Camp last month and it's been really tough. I just can't seem to get myself out of this funk. It's not just's everything. I don't want to eat, sleep, do chores, go grocery shopping, work out, make my bed, pay my bills, go on Instagram, watch my kids...the list goes on and on. I didn't think I'd be like this. It never crossed my mind. 

I signed up for a bunch of swaps to keep me busy and mind off things and now I just don't feel like sewing. It sucks. I want to but really don't have a desire at the moment. I hope to start sewing this weekend though. I have a  couple projects I need to get done. In case you're wanting to order a wallet, I need to put all potential orders on hold for now. I'll let you all know when I'm ready to jump back into the sewing sack. I just need some space and time to get my crap together. Having my husband gone with pretty much no communication has been harder than I ever anticipated. It feels like he fell off the face of the Earth. Seriously. He is just gone. I'm just now finally starting to get letters from him. That was a huge jump-start for me. Just seeing his handwriting and "hearing" his thoughts.

Today was a good day though. We actually got out of the house and went shopping a little bit. It was nice to go outside. I've been so sluggish lately. Anyways...I just wanted you all to know that I'm not dead! Just MIA and in a little bit of a funk. I'll snap out of it soon I hope. I'm trying to get things back into a routine and normal again. Hopefully I have something to show you next week :)

Wish me luck!
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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Around the World Blog Hop

I've been tagged by Katie from Karma Willow Designs for the hop. I'm actually a little late in posting! We've all been pretty sick around here! Well, let me introduce myself in case you're new here!

My name is Stephanie. I live in North San Diego and love it! We're die hard SoCal people around here and love where we live. My husband and I are natives to our area. We've never considered moving out of the area but things are about to change for our little family of 4...big time! My husband has decided to enlist into the Army! So, now I'll be an Army wife and be bouncing around all over the place. We're pretty excited and nervous all at the same time. He'll be leaving us next month for Basic Training and then his Job school shortly after. We'll be separated for about 8 months but we'll get through it. So if any of your have any advice for me, please by all means...share!

My sewing adventures began when I was in high school 10 years ago. I was challenged to work on a project of some sort by my Mom. She didn't want us to waste our summer sleeping in an watching TV all day. So I chose to make a quilt. She took me to some LQS in the area of Las Vegas, where we lived at the time, and I picked out all the prints I wanted. I chose to do a simple strip piece quilt. Of course, I didn't know what I was doing and she helped me tremendously. It was a lot of fun and it took me about 8 years for the quilt to actually get quilted by a long armer. A little FF (fun fact) about me...I don't quilt. Don't let the blog name fool you. I can sew just about anything but ask me to quilt something....I'm lost. I blame the impatient bone in my body. I've tried and tried to like it but it's just not happening. I don't care to learn and when I'm done with a quilt top...I'm done. Off to the long armer it goes. I have no desire to quilt anything and strain my back. I already suffer from back problems enough. 

Enough complaining. I've been sucked into the world of Instagram and have really been lagging on my blogging here. I'm sorry but IG is just so convenient and quick. I've been posting most of my work on there. Lately, I've been selling wallets through IG. I've been wanted to put some up in my Etsy shop but I've had very little time to make extra. I'm been slammed with preorders left and right. 

So things are getting pretty fun here with my daughter becoming older. She's 2 1/2 now so playtime is really fun. She's been sucked into the world of Disney's Frozen just like all the other little girls in world. With this obsession, an Anna costume was in order. What better way to play as Anna than with an Anna cape? So I set off on making one for her just in time for her little friend's birthday party. It came out so wonderful and she loves wearing it now. See the previous post for more pics.

I have a few other projects recently completed but you'll have to check back in to see them or follow me on Instagram. Thanks for checking out my blog!

I'm tagging Kate of Quarter Mile Quilts. Check her out Monday!

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Dumbo for #disneyquiltswap2015

Well, it's time for the reveal of my Disney Mini for the #disneyquiltswap2015 on Instagram. My partner really made it clear that Dumbo was her absolute favorite! She added like five or six exclamation points after stating Dumbo as her number one choice. I really don't blame her. Dumbo is such a cute movie! I totally view it differently as a mother than a child and it's easy to love. My mom's favorite happens to be Dumbo too. I always thought it was lame as a kid but now I get it. I still have my favorites though. I have a thing for Monsters Inc. and Beauty and the Beast. I think it's the doors and the fact that Belle doesn't take any crap from Beast. Her brown hair is plus too. I can relate to her the most. 

Well, my partner asked for a minimal creation. So I was on the hunt for Minimal poster art for Dumbo and found some rather awesome ones. I put out a "poll" if you will on Instagram for what people liked. I ultimately decided to use a Disneyland Jungle Cruise poster I found and improvised with bubbles instead of water, changed the colors and added the Dumbo text in the original movie font. I'm pretty handy with the sewing machine when it comes to applique but when it came to the quilting part....I was stumped. I decided to go with echo quilting since quilting really isn't my thing. In fact, I just plain don't know how to FMQ or care to learn how to. I'm too impatient to learn honestly. There are many times when I wished I knew how to though. The backing is a cute flannel I found at Joanns in the Disney section. I had to have it! It was perfect!

This little beauty is off to it's new home along with a few goodies. Enjoy partner!

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