Saturday, January 17, 2015

Around the World Blog Hop

I've been tagged by Katie from Karma Willow Designs for the hop. I'm actually a little late in posting! We've all been pretty sick around here! Well, let me introduce myself in case you're new here!

My name is Stephanie. I live in North San Diego and love it! We're die hard SoCal people around here and love where we live. My husband and I are natives to our area. We've never considered moving out of the area but things are about to change for our little family of 4...big time! My husband has decided to enlist into the Army! So, now I'll be an Army wife and be bouncing around all over the place. We're pretty excited and nervous all at the same time. He'll be leaving us next month for Basic Training and then his Job school shortly after. We'll be separated for about 8 months but we'll get through it. So if any of your have any advice for me, please by all means...share!

My sewing adventures began when I was in high school 10 years ago. I was challenged to work on a project of some sort by my Mom. She didn't want us to waste our summer sleeping in an watching TV all day. So I chose to make a quilt. She took me to some LQS in the area of Las Vegas, where we lived at the time, and I picked out all the prints I wanted. I chose to do a simple strip piece quilt. Of course, I didn't know what I was doing and she helped me tremendously. It was a lot of fun and it took me about 8 years for the quilt to actually get quilted by a long armer. A little FF (fun fact) about me...I don't quilt. Don't let the blog name fool you. I can sew just about anything but ask me to quilt something....I'm lost. I blame the impatient bone in my body. I've tried and tried to like it but it's just not happening. I don't care to learn and when I'm done with a quilt top...I'm done. Off to the long armer it goes. I have no desire to quilt anything and strain my back. I already suffer from back problems enough. 

Enough complaining. I've been sucked into the world of Instagram and have really been lagging on my blogging here. I'm sorry but IG is just so convenient and quick. I've been posting most of my work on there. Lately, I've been selling wallets through IG. I've been wanted to put some up in my Etsy shop but I've had very little time to make extra. I'm been slammed with preorders left and right. 

So things are getting pretty fun here with my daughter becoming older. She's 2 1/2 now so playtime is really fun. She's been sucked into the world of Disney's Frozen just like all the other little girls in world. With this obsession, an Anna costume was in order. What better way to play as Anna than with an Anna cape? So I set off on making one for her just in time for her little friend's birthday party. It came out so wonderful and she loves wearing it now. See the previous post for more pics.

I have a few other projects recently completed but you'll have to check back in to see them or follow me on Instagram. Thanks for checking out my blog!

I'm tagging Kate of Quarter Mile Quilts. Check her out Monday!

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Dumbo for #disneyquiltswap2015

Well, it's time for the reveal of my Disney Mini for the #disneyquiltswap2015 on Instagram. My partner really made it clear that Dumbo was her absolute favorite! She added like five or six exclamation points after stating Dumbo as her number one choice. I really don't blame her. Dumbo is such a cute movie! I totally view it differently as a mother than a child and it's easy to love. My mom's favorite happens to be Dumbo too. I always thought it was lame as a kid but now I get it. I still have my favorites though. I have a thing for Monsters Inc. and Beauty and the Beast. I think it's the doors and the fact that Belle doesn't take any crap from Beast. Her brown hair is plus too. I can relate to her the most. 

Well, my partner asked for a minimal creation. So I was on the hunt for Minimal poster art for Dumbo and found some rather awesome ones. I put out a "poll" if you will on Instagram for what people liked. I ultimately decided to use a Disneyland Jungle Cruise poster I found and improvised with bubbles instead of water, changed the colors and added the Dumbo text in the original movie font. I'm pretty handy with the sewing machine when it comes to applique but when it came to the quilting part....I was stumped. I decided to go with echo quilting since quilting really isn't my thing. In fact, I just plain don't know how to FMQ or care to learn how to. I'm too impatient to learn honestly. There are many times when I wished I knew how to though. The backing is a cute flannel I found at Joanns in the Disney section. I had to have it! It was perfect!

This little beauty is off to it's new home along with a few goodies. Enjoy partner!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy New Year from Anna of Frozen!

It's already the 14th and I already feel so behind! I really don't even have a slew of projects taking over my sewing table either. I think the with the Holidays over and a new year started, there's always something to hits everyone this time of year....sickness. Yep, we've been sicker than dogs over here so that's why I'm off to a poor start with my blogging already. My little baby boy has been fighting a viral infection, I came down with Mastitis (yuck!) and the hubs got the flu. Thankfully my toddler girl missed everything so far. Well, if you're following me on Instagram you've noticed some fun finished I've completed for 2015 so far! 

My daughter was invited to one of her little friends Frozen themed birthday party. I just couldn't send her to the party without a frozen dress to wear. I wasn't about to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a costume at the Disney store or spend the time making one (gasp!). She's only 2 after all. So I stumbled across the most adorable Anna dress at Kohl's AND it was like 60% off  or something like that. I bought it a size up so she could wear it for a while. I almost bought the matching pink cape inspired velvet shrug to go with it BUT wasn't willing to spend like $30 for almost next to no fabric. So...I thought...A cape IS something I can spend the time (very little time) making for her. I had to decide if I wanted it to be more realistic with fleece to keep her warm or more costume-y. I decided that since we're headed into spring and summer to go with the costume look. I prowled Joann's special occasion fabrics looking for the perfect Satin but came across a breath taking special occasion fabric that was to die for and the perfect shade of Anna's cape. A yard and a half was plenty so I didn't spending the money on it plus my coupon for 50% off. Score! I looked at all the pretty trims, pom poms, clasps and was on my way! Whoo-hoo!

I used a Frozen Elsa cape my Mom made for my daughter for Christmas as the template. I used a wrap around baby bib as a template (somewhat) as the template for the capelet. It turned out FANTASTIC! She loved it! (After not wanting to wear it and me making her) Hahaha.

Well, here it is in all it's glory!

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Vintage Modern Fabrics goodness and a GIVEAWAY!

I am pleased to welcome Vintage Modern Fabrics on Etsy as my newest sponsor! 

Vintage Modern Fabrics is owned by Michelle who has a fantastic eye for combining collections into fun combos. She sells tons of modern goodness and beautiful unique FQ bundles. She inspires creativity with beautifully unique Fat Quarter Bundle combos she's created. Here are some fun ones she has to offer!

This is a go-to shop for any modern quilter! She carries a wide range of Cotton + Steel fabrics as well as Anna Maria Horner, Tula Pink, Heather Bailey, Alison Glass, Heather Ross, Amy Butler. She also has some great collections available for Pre-Sale in her shop. Some of these include...

Vintage Modern Fabrics also supplies FABULOUS blender bundles too! More eye candy...

I'm totally obsessed with Anna Maria Horner's True Colors collection. It's to die for! 

Speaking of Anna Maria Horner...

Michelle of Vintage Modern Fabrics as graciously offered up a FQ bundle of AMH's newest collection due out in February...Folk Song!

OMG!!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!

Awesome. Right? Yes. I agree. I wish I could enter my own giveaways. Sigh.

This is a pre-order item. So the winner will be receiving their fabric bundle when the collection is available in February.

Here's how to enter:

-Leave a comment telling me what you love in the Vintage Modern shop. (Click Here)
-My followers get another entry. Leave another comment telling me how you follow. New and old followers welcome. Facebook, Instagram, Bloglovin, Feedly, Email...many different ways.
-Favorite Vintage Modern's shop on Etsy. Leave another comment telling me that you did.
-Follow Vintage Modern on Instagram for another entry. Leave another comment for telling me you follow her on instagram.

I will leave the giveaway open until 12/22 and pick a winner on 12/23 just in time for Christmas!

Congrats to Connie Cain! 

Good luck!
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Monday, December 8, 2014

Do you like Kiwi? GIVEAWAY!!!

I love me some Kiwi. Especially when it has to do with fabric! Yep! That's right folks...a new fabric shop called Kiwi Fabric is now up on my sidebar as my latest and greatest sponsor! 

Run by Kim and loaded with modern awesomeness, Kiwi Fabric is a wonderful Etsy shop I discovered. Kim has stocked up on some absolute must haves for any modern quilter. She carries Cotton + Steel basics, Alison Glass' Handcrafted, Heather Ross' Far Far Away, along with some other great collections. She also has some Cotton+Steel collections available for pre-order. 

Ready for some eye candy? 

(Pre-Sale) Doe by Carolyn Friedlander
Doe by Carolyn Friedlander

 (Pre-Sale) Mochi by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Cotton + Steel
Mochi by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Cotton + Steel

 (Pre-Sale) Playful by Melody Miller for Cotton + Steel
Playful by Melody Miller for Cotton + Steel

Elizabeth Hartman Solids
Elizabeth Hartman Solids

Lighthearted by Kokka
Lighthearted by Kokka

Well, what are you waiting for? Go check out Kiwi Fabric on Etsy for some amazing fabrics!

But wait! Hold up! We have a GIVEAWAY!!!! Whoop Whoop!
Kim has offered up a F8 bundle of Utopia. Wowzers!

F8 bundle of Utopia

F8 bundle of Utopia

F8 bundle of Utopia

Here's how to enter:
-Leave a comment on this post telling me what you like in her shop (Click here)
-My followers get another entry. Leave another comment telling me how you follow. Old and new welcome.
-Go favorite her shop on Etsy for another entry. Leave a third comment telling me that you did.

Sorry, open to US only

Thank you! Good luck! I'll pick a winner on Saturday!!! 

Giveaway Closed
Congratulations to Comment #217 Sarah!

Check out my other giveaway here
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