Sunday, October 4, 2015

Complete Redesign and Relaunch!

Hello all!!!

WoW!!! I can't believe how long it's been since I've blogged here! Well, I've been working very hard on completely redoing the design and have finally finished here...I think. I've also been very busy sewing! I haven't stopped that at all. It's just been a little difficult to blog with our lives being turned upside down with my husband joining the Military. 

We're getting into our everyday groove now and I'm ready to blog away. I'm going to try and aim at blogging at least once a week with a recap of all I accomplished that week. I'll still do fantastic giveaways and projects. I'm currently working on the linky party tab so please hang in there while I give the blog a few final touches. I might change over to a .com domain as well. Time to get serious....use it or lose it. We'll see how this all goes first before I can make that final decision.

Here's what I've accomplished recently in case you missed it on Instagram...

This mini was completed and awaiting the ship date for the #simplymini quilt swap on Instagram. I'm calling it Petal Fusion

This Fabric Map Mini quilt was completed as part of the tutorial I posted through Instagram. I'll upload it here shortly. This particular quilt is available for sale through my shop. Click on the Shop tab up top :)

This cute little shark pouch was gifted to a dear friend of mine.

This cathedral pillow cover was completed and currently being LOVED by ME!

This little train case was created by me and WAS going to be a pattern released by me BUT it's still in the preliminary phases. This is the prototype and will remain that way for now.

 This little Maggie Mae dress was made for my sweet baby niece, She looks adorable in it.

This fabulous Anna Maria Horner pillow was finished and also being loved by ME!

And last but certainly not least...These beauties were quilted and bound... and being loved.

That's all for now. Details for all the projects above will be posted soon as well as the Map tutorial. Have a great day!
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  1. Love the new look, Stephanie! And good luck with the transition... ten years later and this life still turns things upside down for me on a regular basis (but thanks to you and my *gorgeous* new clutch, I have been oh so on top of all my vitals during the latest move ; )

  2. Stephanie, prayers and best wishes for your husband. I am very thankful for his decision to help our country stay strong and free (still hanging by a thread there with the freedoms)
    All of your sewing endeavors are absolutely stunning and beautiful.
    We are here for you, to encourage you and admire your lovely creativity.
    My daughter's husband is a DOD auditor in one of those countries over there that has a lot of turmoil
    So we also worry and pray for his safe return. It is the missing part that is the hardest. Thank God for skype and emails.

  3. You have been busy, I particularly like the cushions. x

  4. Looks great! I'm rebuffing my blog too!

  5. Fabulous.The little case caught my eye.Happy sewing!

  6. All stunners! Need a shark in my life!


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