Sunday, May 12, 2013

Am I lucky?

Call it what you will...luck, blessings, chance, karma, whatever...but I've been winning giveaway after giveaway! I've never won so many things in my life. I've won more things in the past few weeks than ever! During the Sew Mama Sew Giveaways, I managed to win ELEVEN things! I can NOT believe it. Seriously, I can't. I hope you guys managed to win something as well! This was my first Giveaway Day I participated in as a blog AND entry participant. I loved all the new fun blogs I found! Whether they are new online or new to me...they were great finds! I want to express and big THANK YOU to all my new followers. Here's some fun stats...

Bloglovin followers jumped from 9 to 94

Facebook followers jumped from 42 to 112

Google Friend Connect jumped from 6 to 41

I'll try not to disappoint you guys! I've only been blogging here since the end of March of this year, so a good 1.5 months. I would say things are looking pretty good so far. I've also found great ideas on other blogs. I sorta have an idea and feel of what to write, post, etc. I promise to take better pictures! I'm doing my best with what I have (a dark place). I may be moving in a few months, so hopefully the lighting is WAY better!

I'll be posting ANOTHER giveaway this week for going over 100 likes so come back soon!

I'll show you my winnings when they all arrive :)

Until next time- Happy Quilting (haha...almost wrote quitting. Don't be a quitter! Be a Quilter! It's way better!)
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  1. I've won three things! Which I think is prety darn lucky!

  2. I didn't win anything, but I did find many great new blogs to follow, so I guess I made out all right in the end.

  3. Lucky girl! I didn't win but had fun finding new blogs, and hosting a giveaway!

  4. Wow, seriously go play the lottery :)

  5. Congrats and you should realllllyyyy consider playing the lottery. I think I entered about 300 giveaways during the SMS days and won one book he he!

    But I've been lucky in the past couple months and won several things.

    The blog world is amazing!

  6. I also didn't win a thing but have found new blogs to follow. Well done with your blessings!

  7. Not a thing was won by me but, such is life.

  8. I also did not win anything, but am thrilled that I found so many blogs to follow! I have learned so much and gotten some great ideas as well as encouragement!


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