Thursday, March 28, 2013

Burp Cloths & Receiving Blanket

So I I've been eyeballing some flannel lately and found the cutest prints at JoAnn's. I went with these particular prints because a friend of mine is having a baby boy. She painted his nursery "Where the Wild Things Are" themed. The Monster print goes perfectly....even though they aren't the same monsters...they'll do. Here are the goodies...

I just treated myself to a new 60mm rotary cutter I scored on ebay for $11! 
Here are three 1 yard cuts of these cute flannel prints...darling right? 
At $2.50/yard you can't go wrong!

Isn't this print just so darn cute? It reminds me of Disney's Monster's Inc.

I thought these colors worked well with the monsters and it's boyish

I just loved this frog print and had to have it! I used this for to make 3 burp cloths. I'll do a tutorial on burp cloths in another post soon!

This is how the finished receiving blanket turned out. Monsters on one side & cars on the other
This was so easy to make. Just take 1 yard of two different prints, even them out and sew them together without any batting. Right sides together leaving about a foot opening to pull the fabric right side out. Then fold in the opening and sew about a 1/8" or 3/16" around the edge. 
Just eyeball it.

3 Burp Cloths & 1 Receiving Blanket

 Add a bow & tag and it's all set to give away! She loved them! 
Material for the whole set cost about $8.50

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  1. Oh so cute! Ideas are always a good thing to have added to mine!


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