Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy New Year! 2016 will be BIG!

Hi everyone! Happy New year and 2016! Hope you had a great holiday season! I've been pretty busy from another massive move. This time to Texas. We're here more permanent this time though. Military life can be a little wacky but I'm the perfect person to handle a wacky sort of life. I'm a little wacky myself so it just fits.

I feel like this year will be a big one for me and my blog. I'm have all sorts of plans! Starting with that Fabric Map Tutorial! Yay! I'll be posting the full tutorial later this week so be on the lookout! It's such a fun project! It is a little time consuming but just take it a little bit at a time and you'll enjoy the results :)

We're just getting all settled in from the move and I have my sewing room just about set up the way I'm going to have it for the this place. I'll be sure to take some pics and upload this here for you all to see. I did do a periscope video on it in case you're anxious. Check it out if you absolutely must. My username is steph_quarterincher.

Well, this was just a quick little hello! I just wanted everyone to know I'm still alive and ready to rock 'n roll with the new year and sewing! I have giveaways planned and lots of projects so be sure to check back soon. Have a beautiful week and keep smiling!

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Antique Table Runner Blog Hop with Fat Quarter Shop & GIVEAWAY!

Hi everyone!

I can't believe it's been like two months since I've blogged. Life has definitely been super ridiculously crazy. I swear I'm working on that Fabric Map Tutorial for you all! I've just been slammed with projects and really no time to blog. It's been one things right after another or sometimes multiple projects stacked on top of each other. 

One small announcement: I will not be taking any wallet orders until after the New Year. I'm limited on my sewing supplies and fabric til the end of the year due to a move.

Well my family has been in the middle of a move. Yep! Another big move! We've moved out of Georgia and headed to the Lonestar State of Texas! I'm so excited to meet some of you in person! I can't even tell you!!! I'm ready for another fun adventure! This time it's more permanent so that'll be nice. We can actually settle down and get into a real routine since we'll be staying put for a while. Before we packed up our home and said goodbye to Georgia, I had the opportunity to work on a fun project for Fat Quarter Shop. I knew the holidays were around the corner and I wanted to work with some fun colors.

It's no secret that I'm a fan of Cotton + Steel. The colors, the prints, the saturation, I love everything they do! So naturally I chose some fabulous Tinsel! I couldn't resist the bright fun festive prints and colors and thought this table runner would make for an out of this world awesome quilty Christmas project! Check out the video below as well as the GIVEAWAY!

The pattern can be found HERE

The Laundry Basket Quilts Color Daze quilt kit (as shown on the video and pattern) can be found HERE

Be sure to check out the other bloggers participating in the blog hop!
Daisy of Ants to Sugar
Anorina of Samelia’s Mum
Cassandra of Cassandra Madge

Now for the FUN part! How about a GIVEAWAY?!?! Woot Woot!

 Fat Quarter Shop has been generous enough to offer up a fabulous $25 Gift Certificate to one lucky winner!!!

Leave a comment for each of the following as an entry! Each one is worth one entry for a total of FOUR! Yippee!
1- Leave me a comment telling me what fabrics you'd use for this wonderful pattern
2- Follow me on Bloglovin (new followers are always welcome!)
3- Follow me on Instagram (again new followers make me smile!)
4- Be sure to follow Fat Quarter Shop's blog The Jolly Jabber and/or Instagram

The giveaway will remain open through the weekend and I'll pick a winner sometime Monday evening and announce it here. Good luck!!!

The winner is Becky S.!!! Congrats!

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Complete Redesign and Relaunch!

Hello all!!!

WoW!!! I can't believe how long it's been since I've blogged here! Well, I've been working very hard on completely redoing the design and have finally finished here...I think. I've also been very busy sewing! I haven't stopped that at all. It's just been a little difficult to blog with our lives being turned upside down with my husband joining the Military. 

We're getting into our everyday groove now and I'm ready to blog away. I'm going to try and aim at blogging at least once a week with a recap of all I accomplished that week. I'll still do fantastic giveaways and projects. I'm currently working on the linky party tab so please hang in there while I give the blog a few final touches. I might change over to a .com domain as well. Time to get serious....use it or lose it. We'll see how this all goes first before I can make that final decision.

Here's what I've accomplished recently in case you missed it on Instagram...

This mini was completed and awaiting the ship date for the #simplymini quilt swap on Instagram. I'm calling it Petal Fusion

This Fabric Map Mini quilt was completed as part of the tutorial I posted through Instagram. I'll upload it here shortly. This particular quilt is available for sale through my shop. Click on the Shop tab up top :)

This cute little shark pouch was gifted to a dear friend of mine.

This cathedral pillow cover was completed and currently being LOVED by ME!

This little train case was created by me and WAS going to be a pattern released by me BUT it's still in the preliminary phases. This is the prototype and will remain that way for now.

 This little Maggie Mae dress was made for my sweet baby niece, She looks adorable in it.

This fabulous Anna Maria Horner pillow was finished and also being loved by ME!

And last but certainly not least...These beauties were quilted and bound... and being loved.

That's all for now. Details for all the projects above will be posted soon as well as the Map tutorial. Have a great day!
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Friday, June 26, 2015

Wow....apologies and finishes!

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!

Friday mean finishes!!!

But first, I really need to start this post off with an apology. I had all the pictures taken and ready to go for the USA tutorial on my phone BUT my phone randomly died and I lost everything on there. Like dead dead. So I'm sorry but that tutorial is going to have to wait until I'm able to retrieve all the stuff off the old phone or I make another map mini.
In the meantime, I'll show you what I've been doing lately. I've been busy with a whole bunch of swaps on Instagram. If you like being involved in swaps you need to get on Instagram! There is always a new one popping up. In fact, I'm hosting a Super Hero Mini Quilt Swap on there right now. It'll be wrapping up soon so I'll keep you posted on that when it's all done.
Here is my quilt for the #alisonglassminiquiltswap I made for my partner. She was very open about what to make so I just kind of ran with it. I wanted something really colorful and thought this cute little X block would be fun.

And here is my quilt for the #cottonandsteelminiquiltswap. I just sort of made it up as I went. This was actually the first time I'd ever worked with triangles. A learning experience. I took it into a local quilt shop and the owner went goo-goo eyes over it. Haha! So much that she wants me to make another one, kit it up in her shop and offer the pattern. Oh boy...that means big things for Quarter Incher! Moving forward  in the quilting community from this point on. I'll keep you posted on that the kit and pattern once it's all figured out. Should be very soon though.

And here's my cute little Makin' it cute mittens for the Makin' it Cute blog hop for Fat Quarter Shop! They turned out so cute. I love these templates from Me and My Sister Designs!

I picked up the Boxcar Tote pattern at my LQS recently and wanted to make this right away! I carefully sifted through my canvas prints and picked a fun combo that was clashy and flashy. Can't ever go wrong with Anna Maria Horner and Cotton + Steel right?

And here are a few more wallets I made up last week. The white one is still available, so if you're interested....just holler!
That's it for now. For the absolute latest on my work, follow me on instagram: steph_quarterincher
Have a wonderful day!
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Monday, March 30, 2015

Fabric Map Finishes!

I've been keeping secret finishes from you guys. Well, here on the blog anyways. I've posted everything to Instagram so feel free to look there to see the latest from me. I've been going swap crazy lately. Not sure what the deal is with that and what's going on. I think I just want to be busy while my hubby is away for training. Sigh...7 more months to go. Swaps swaps swaps to keep my mind clear of any potential emotional meltdowns. It hasn't been an easy transition into the military lifestyle but it'll come. It'll get easier. I'll be fine. Actually, I feel like I'm finally getting past the initial shock of him falling off the face of the Earth. I get really excited when he calls but also very depressed when we hang up. It's like a reminder that's he's gone and won't be calling again for another week or so. That's the Army life! 

Anyways! Enough about that. But I do really appreciate everyone's concern about my depression. I'm feeling my normal self again so worry no more! Now. About the mini quilts....

The first one is for the #rainbowminiswap on instagram. My partner named a bunch of designer favorites and among them was Anna Maria Horner. Umm..Yeah! I can definitely work with that. I have a slew of AMH scraps I can use for my partners mini. I was looking through her inspiration mosaic and other means of inspirational social media and what not...and came upon a fabric map. Of course being a quilter...I automatically thought. Yes. I'm making that. No pattern required. I'll wing it. And so my fabric map adventures began. I will be posting a tutorial on it as soon as I'm done writing it up. Next post, I promise. Don't go too far or you might miss it. It'll be up on the tutorial tab though.

Fabric Map

The second fabric map will be donated to my church youth group. They're trying to raise money for a pioneer trek. A silent auction will be taking place and various items and services will be donated for that. I thought a map would be fitting for the occasion. I chose a vintage modern fresh pallet on a buttery yellow solid. Hope it gets lots of high bids for the youth!

Fabric Map

So stay tuned for the tutorial/pattern coming soon!

Thanks for stopping by!
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