Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy New Year from Anna of Frozen!

It's already the 14th and I already feel so behind! I really don't even have a slew of projects taking over my sewing table either. I think the with the Holidays over and a new year started, there's always something to hits everyone this time of year....sickness. Yep, we've been sicker than dogs over here so that's why I'm off to a poor start with my blogging already. My little baby boy has been fighting a viral infection, I came down with Mastitis (yuck!) and the hubs got the flu. Thankfully my toddler girl missed everything so far. Well, if you're following me on Instagram you've noticed some fun finished I've completed for 2015 so far! 

My daughter was invited to one of her little friends Frozen themed birthday party. I just couldn't send her to the party without a frozen dress to wear. I wasn't about to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a costume at the Disney store or spend the time making one (gasp!). She's only 2 after all. So I stumbled across the most adorable Anna dress at Kohl's AND it was like 60% off  or something like that. I bought it a size up so she could wear it for a while. I almost bought the matching pink cape inspired velvet shrug to go with it BUT wasn't willing to spend like $30 for almost next to no fabric. So...I thought...A cape IS something I can spend the time (very little time) making for her. I had to decide if I wanted it to be more realistic with fleece to keep her warm or more costume-y. I decided that since we're headed into spring and summer to go with the costume look. I prowled Joann's special occasion fabrics looking for the perfect Satin but came across a breath taking special occasion fabric that was to die for and the perfect shade of Anna's cape. A yard and a half was plenty so I didn't spending the money on it plus my coupon for 50% off. Score! I looked at all the pretty trims, pom poms, clasps and was on my way! Whoo-hoo!

I used a Frozen Elsa cape my Mom made for my daughter for Christmas as the template. I used a wrap around baby bib as a template (somewhat) as the template for the capelet. It turned out FANTASTIC! She loved it! (After not wanting to wear it and me making her) Hahaha.

Well, here it is in all it's glory!

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  1. Absolutely too cute for words!

  2. Very cute. That ball was HUGE back in the 60's/70's. I loved it! In the 80's/90's it was frowned on as being junky! People have missed out on so much by not using it! I enjoy using it and it just makes the item so much more fun or embellished!

  3. Oh it is so adorable. I'm so sorry you all have been under the weather and hope that the germies disappear soon.

  4. It's just so precious! My daughter has been begging me for an Anna cape ever since I made me costume...I think you've inspired me!


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