Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Toy Stroller Makeover!

How many of you own or owned one of these for your kids?

My daughter Charlie got one for Christmas from her Grandma and was soooo excited! Within 5 minutes, Grandma thought it would be "fun" to put Charlie in it instead of a baby doll. 

Yep..probably not the best idea. Charlie wants to sit and stand on it all the time now. Ugh! We've only had it for 1.5 weeks and this is already happening...

So I decided to give this little thing a makeover and make it a little sturdier. I used some cute flannel I had that matched the pink & purple wheels perfectly. I wanted the straps to be fun too so I pulled a super fun pink polka-dot  ribbon to match. I bound the whole thing with some purple seersucker fabric I hadn't bother to use for anything yet. Here's the final result! What do you think?!

I like it sooo much better than the original thin fabric. Isn't it adorable with her little baby?! 


  1. I did exactly the same thing after ours ripped! Maybe they should employ us to make the seats instead!

  2. Smart idea and so much nicer looking than the original version. Nicely done.

  3. Very inventive! I had an toy stroller incident with my grandson. We were in a thrift store and there was a toy stroller. My grandson loved it and was pushing it all over the store. Then somehow a wheel got bent. After that it was the frame! I ended up buying it and my son fixed it up!

  4. Love! I so need to do this! My friend came over with her little guy and he totally broke ours too.

  5. Oh that is so cute! The re-do is much prettier! My Baby Girl got 2 doll strollers for Christmas and I keep having to remind her 3 older brothers to not sit in them and please don't crash them together too hard... I've heard Pottery Barn's doll strollers are amazingly well made... keeping my eye out at thrift stores!

  6. So cute! Ours is broken because of that same reason.


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