Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ScrapBeeLicious Quilting Bee

After the Let's Get Acquainted Blogger Hop from Plum and June was over...some of us didn't want to say goodbye. So naturally we started a Bee! Ashley of  Wasn’t Quilt in a Day Laura of Little and Lots put it together and now we're ready to rock n' roll!

Wahoo! I'm so excited to get started on this bee. As if I don't have enough bees and swaps already in my pocket! There are 13 of us and we are sooo excited to be working on this together! It's like a Bee Dream Team! 

Every month there is a new Queen who chooses the block she wants. She will post about it on the first of her assigned month. The rest of the team makes 2 of the requested block in whatever colors scheme the queen desires and send them off by the end of the month. By summer next year, all of us will have enough blocks for a quilt top!

I'm having such a hard time decided what block I want! There are so many great ideas out there it's just so hard to choose ONE! I have until June next year to figure it out I guess :)

Here's the schedule if you want to keep up with all of us. I put a button on my sidebar too.

August: Ashley @ Wasn’t Quilt in a Day
September: Gwendellyn @ The Rainbow Revolts
October: Cath @ Wombat Quilts
November: Alyce @ Wonderland by Alyce
December: Nicole @  Modern Handcraft
January: Rachel @ Likes to Sew
February: Nanette @  Yeah, I Made That
April: Robin Sue @  RobinSue Quilts
May: Stephanie H @ Simple Sewendipity
June: Stephanie A @ Quarter Incher
July: Michelle @ Factotum of Arts
August: Laura @ Little and Lots

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  1. Very excited to see what your bee will be up to and follow along from here. First time I ever wished I lived in the Good Old US of A! Ha, ha!

  2. Is it tomorrow yet?! I am ready to make blocks! Thank you so much for designing that button up there. This is going to be so fun!

  3. So fun! One of these days I'll have the nerve to join one myself!

  4. Sounds like a great Bee! I'm in one that I just completely adore, it's good to have Bees like that :)

  5. I'm anxiously awaiting Ashley's post tomorrow! And thanks so much for the awesome button it looks great :)

  6. Looking forward to this and seeing the progress! Marie (mlismore@optusnet.com.au)

  7. Thank is so exciting! I am amazed...how do you do it? I feel like I never find out about swaps or bees until they are done or in progress... You go!

  8. At some point I might make the time to join a bee. Have fun with this one.


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