Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Super Duper Quick Baby Blanket Tutorial (for beginners)

DIY Fleece Baby Blanket

So you've procrastinated on getting a friend a baby panic! What to do! You don't have time to make a quilt or run out and find something on that registry of 1000 things

So take a deep down to Joanns, go to the remnant section. Look for FLEECE! Remnants are 50% off listed price and you don't need very much. 3/4 yard is good enough.

(NOTE: If you want to make an adult sizes blanket, you will need about 2.5 yards of fleece! Skip the first part of this tutorial and just cut the edges to even it out so it's not all wonky!)

This is seriously the quickest baby blanket ever! I think it's faster than the no-sew tie versions out there. Here's what you do...

---Sorry but I forgot to take pictures of the first part---

  • Grab your remnant (about 3/4 yard is fine- give or take. Mine was 0.7 yard and the other was like 0.8 or something around there)

  • Open it up and decide where to cut it so it's a decent size baby size rectangle...about a yard or so.

  • Cut it and get ready to finish off the edges...

Step 1- Figure out which side is the front and back. You want to roll the edges toward the back! For a baby blanket, roll the edge about 1/2".
NOTE: For adult sized blankets, roll your edge about 3/4"

DIY Fleece Baby Blanket

 Step 2- Roll the edge AGAIN. This will give the seam a nice clean look. Awww...
DIY Fleece Baby Blanket

Step 3- Sew around the WHOLE piece
DIY Fleece Baby Blanket

Fold over the corners. No problem!

DIY Fleece Baby Blanket

It really doesn't matter what color thread you use because you can't really see it anyways. I usually use cream or black depending on the fleece color. Here's what the back looks like...see,  you can't really see the thread.
DIY Fleece Baby Blanket

Here's what the front of the corner looks like. Still can't really see it in there.
DIY Fleece Baby Blanket

Voila! You are done! That was easy peasy! Takes about 10 minutes to whip this sucker up!

I rolled them up and added a little note for each gal!

DIY Fleece Baby Blanket

Happy quilting!
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  1. Great idea! Quick and cute. Good luck on SMS Giveaway - Carrie (Whitt's Kits)


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