Friday, May 24, 2013

My Crafty Crush!

First of all- Thank you for all the birthday wishes yesterday. You guys are sweet. 

Everyone crushes on a quilt pattern, fabric line, quilt book, etc from time to time. I wanted to share with you what I'm totally crushing on. As of right now, I HAVE the pattern but have yet to grow the kahunas to start this quilt....the Single Girl Quilt! DUN DUN DUN!!!!!

Single Girl Quilt Pattern   Single Girl Quilt Pattern

I know, I's a super intimidating quilt. ALL THOSE TINY PIECES AND CURVES! Seriously though, this is on my bucket list. I WILL complete this quilt...someday. Haha! I have SO many other quilt projects going on right now though. I really don't want to start this one until i can really dedicate the time to it and enjoy what I'm doing. I don't just want to rush right through it like all my other quilts! The curves gotta be perfect! I gotta give some serious props to those who HAVE completed this quilt OR even started it!

Katherine over at Sew Me Something Good made a beautiful baby blanket with this pattern. So jealous! Gorgeous right?

Photo Source: Sew Me Something Good
What's your crafty crush right now?
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  1. Mod Pop by Julie Pickles! I made one when Leanne from She Can Quilt hosted a quilt along. I am now starting a second one!
    Check out the flickr photos of all the quilts made during the QAL.

  2. Love this and if you want to make one you can do it!

  3. Have you started Single Girl yet? I have a crush on it too, but I'm a lil scared! I've never sewn anything with curves on purpose.. Maybe a quilt along would give us a lil comfort? Maybe we could talk Denyse into hosting one with some tutorials on the curve piecing! Man that would be nice, eh?


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