Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mini String Quilt Completed

Here is my completed String Fever project! This was a great excuse to finished some blocks I had started a few months ago. It's all quilted and ready to be used on top of my white bookshelf.
These little suckers are fun but so hard to keep the white strings perfectly straight, sheesh! You can see how my white X's are all jacked up. Oh well, you live and you learn. I chose to do purple raw edge binding. I like the way the fray edge looks after it washes. I quilted it with random lines all over and backed it with a dark pink corduroy. You can find the link for String Fever to the right on the sidebar or visit Stitched In Color.

Mini String Quilt

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  1. See!! Talent! This is sooo cute! Great job!

    Did you glue your white strip down to your paper? I heard it helps some. Not this chick, but others! :)


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