Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm a seamstress now?

My youngest sister has been bugging wanting me to help her with some dresses she wants made. I've got to hand it to her, she's a pretty determined girl. I was at Joanns and few months ago having fabric or stabilizer cut when she ran into me. She then proceeded to tell me that it was so convenient for her. She needed help picking out apparel material for the dresses. She told me what look she was after and we went to the clearance tables. We actually found some beautiful materials. She bought about 4 or 5 different prints and we were off! 

Today she called me and wanted to work on one of the dresses. I told her to come on over and we'll see what we can do. She came over and showed me what she had done. Now please keep in mind- this girl has never really sewn anything, knows absolutely nothing about sewing or seams, patterns, etc. She whips out some pieces of the material already cut. I was wondering "what the heck did she do?"...She then showed me this skirt as her inspiration.

Excuse baby "C"...she liked it apparently

She managed to cut ALL the pieces just like the skirt in a deep maroon floral velvet material we picked out. She did a pretty darn good job at it I must say. I have to admit that I was quite impressed that she had the guts to cut the pieces out by herself without any help. I looked them all over and saw that everything matched up. Then I showed her how to pin the edges of everything. She caught on quickly and proceeded to pin and pin and pin! She even learned to pin the curves pretty well!

Moving on to sewing. I showed her what a seam was and how to line up the edges, right sides to together at the 1/4" line on the machine. She understood and I sewed up the edges for her. This material is crazy stretchy and curls at the edges so I figured it would be easier if I did it. I'll teach her to sew with cotton fabric, it'll be WAY easier. Here is the back of the completed skirt part of the dress.

Nala's dog toy in the corner :)

We pinned and sewed, pinned and sewed...finally I sewed the Camisole she bought to the skirt and VOILA! A GORGEOUS DRESS!!! This is the FIRST article of clothing I've ever made and I'm pretty impressed with myself. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be! What do you guys think???

Haha, the tag is still on the camisole

Here she is trying is on and loving it!

Sorry ladies but you won't find this cute dress at Target for $14.99
 or ANYWHERE for that matter!

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  1. Great job! Is it a hi-low skirt? Those are super trendy right now!

  2. I officially stalked you and you are tooooo freaking cute! I love it! I'll be back for sure!


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