Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blogging 101

Many of you may notice a big change on my blog....NO more scrolling down FOREVER to see everything on my posts!!!! I've cleaned it up and updated every post with bigger pictures & links to see the whole post.

I used to have a personal blog and write about random stuff in my life. BUT it was such a hassle with the old style Blogger especially when it came to uploading pictures. I quickly gave up because I didn't have time to load 1 picture at a time and let it load forever. I was just so over it...

I'm pretty computer savvy but it was so archaic and took forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plus I have almost ZERO patience for computer hiccups & waiting on things to load up. I need things to happen instantly for me. I need the fastest computer to work for me!

Then Blogger changed everything and made it SO use friendly and so much easier to get a post published! Since I've started blogging about quilting...I've learned so much about codes and what you can and cannot do with everything. Searching and searching for what I need (or don't need) on my blog has never been easier. I was looking at my blog and can't stand the way you scroll for days and days to get to the end. Pictures take a long time to load for people and I don't want all my post info to show up on the homepage. SOOO, I figured out how to show just a snippet of the post! It makes the homepage look so clean and neat. You just click on the Post Header to see the whole post and all the pictures! I also created a link for you to click on the see the full post at the bottom of each post snippet.

I was so EXCITED when I figured this out that I HAD to share it with you! I know some of you are probably thinking..."She just NOW figured that out?"...haha...yes I know. It really wasn't a big deal for me before. Then I started posting lots of pictures and I felt like I was scrolling down FOREVER! Some of you may be thinking "WOW, how did she do that?!"- Oh my heavens!...It was SO easy that it was stupid! It was in front of my face to WHOLE time! When you're writing your post, Click The "Insert Jump Page" (little broken page icon at the top) to separate your post snippet from the rest of the post. 

Anyways...enough about that. Time to sew!

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